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Byte Code Editor


Byte code Editor is a simple but effective tool that allows you to edit the content of a Java class with just a few clicks. The program is designed for the developers who need to review the classes used in their applications. The application is developed in Java and allows you to load the classes from a JAR or CLASS file in order to view their components. The general information, constants and interface details are displayed in a simple interface that also allows you to make changes. For instance, the constant viewer includes the possibility to delete a constant or add a new one. The same applies to the fields, methods and interfaces which can also be modified to suit your project needs. The Method panel provides you with additional options such as adding exceptions or editing the code directly. Unfortunately, the code editor does not support syntax highlighting which can help most users. The interface is easy to use and allows you to load classes from various files and work with multiple windows in order to synchronize certain modifications. You can easily use the Tile function to compare the class components side-by-side. Although it is included in the program description, the export feature could not be accessed during our tests. However, the app includes the option to verify the class after making the modifications. Since it does not include any documentation Java Bytecode Editor is clearly designed for Java programmers who already have basic knowledge about editing class attributes.

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